2018 Christmas Market Application

 Paisley Farmers’ Market


Phone/Text 519-379-7284


Welcome to the 7th Christmas Market in Paisley. In 2018, the market runs Tuesday & Wednesday 10-4 and Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10-6.  We set up on Nov 21 and Nov 22. We begin at Late Night Social Nov 23 (and we are open until 10 that night) and clean up no sooner than 6 pm Dec 22.  Please complete the following and return to Paisley Farmers’ Market, Box 206 Paisley, Ont. N0G 2N0 or email us at          www.paisleyfarmersmarket.ca

BUSINESS NAME________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________

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The Paisley Farmers’ Market favors eco, organic and locally grown farm fresh produce.

Our Christmas market has a focus on LOCALLY MADE Christmas crafts and baking.

DESCRIBE PRODUCTS YOU WISH TO SELL*_______________________________________





*Any products not listed above will need approval from the Market Manager at a later date.


Each vendor is responsible for insuring their own products. All vendors must adhere to public health standards. Check www.publichealthgreybruce.on.ca.

Please choose which payment schedule best describes you.

Most vendors pay 10 % up to $100  _____ 
Students 16&over pay 5% up to $75 _______                                            
Under 16 & non-profit/charitable organizations FREE  ______

All vendors are given access to and are EXPECTED to promote themselves on our Facebook page to increase our network and share our posts often. Please also check your link at OUR WEBPAGE under 2018 Christmas Vendors, please send us information that would best represent you for that page.  Your success is our success and our success is yours.


Paisley Farmers’ Market is a unique market that offers primarily, fresh food. Generally speaking, vendors will come from and product will be grown, processed and created within 100 km of Paisley. At the Christmas market, anyone who grows, processes or creates product is welcome to our market.

Vendors will each commit to working the storefront at 258 Queen N for a minimum of 12 hours and record that commitment on a calendar at the store.  If something comes up it is THE VENDOR’S responsibility to find a cover person AND REBOOK THE TIME for themselves.

Vendors will be organized & ready to sell at 9:55 AM. During the day. . . if any questions come up they WILL CALL the applicable vendor to resolve the question. Area will be left clean at end of day and the paperwork complete with corresponding amount of money. The form will be signed and any applicable notes or discrepancies will be drawn to the attention of the one collecting them. If there is not enough money. . . the balance will come from the vendor’s pocket until we figure out a better solution. If there is too much. . . the market will keep it because history says. . . it will have belonged somewhere. These will be noted on the sheet. If someone outright gives you a tip. . . it is yours.  No need to record it.

Vendors will make themselves acquainted with everything in the store at the beginning of the day and try to sell items from every vendor equally.

Vendors will give a little something for the BASKET OF GOODNESS weekly.

Booths shall present a clean image and attire. If one booth needs a little fresh up. . . The store keeper can tidy it or if necessary will call the owner of the booth.

The owner of the booth will call in and bring more supplies if possible regularly.

Vendors are responsible to locate their own table, fridge or freezer and if possible bring other furnishings such as shelves, table cloths and Christmas decorations to help the general space look more inviting. We do own some of these items and are willing to share.

Each booth WILL display a legible sign at the booth (8.5 x 11 or larger) including name and point of origin (where grown, baked or crafted).

All baked or processed goods need ingredient lists displayed.

All meat, eggs and dairy will be at temperature & in proper storage facility as required by Health Unit. www.publichealthgreybruce.on.ca.  The market owns a full sized fridge/freezer and an apartment sized fridge and 2 freezers for your use as space provides. You are also welcome to bring your own. 

There will be no live animals for sale or on display at our market.

We do however, encourage live animals in the Paisley Parade which will take place on Nov 30. Please let us know if you have any ideas for the parade and if you can participate. Traditionally, we have worn aprons and walked through the parade, handing out apples and or coupons. Traditionally. . . we have wished for at least 8 people to do this job properly. . . . and we have yet to do it properly. Maybe this year. . . . 🙂

This year’s . . . .

Manager/Key Holder is Sandra Blodgett 519-379-7284

Assistant manager is unkown

Treasurer/Key Holder Wendy Tanner – 519-353-4107/519-386-4661


PLEASE NOTE: Your signature implies you’ve read & agree to all of the above terms & conditions. The Market Manager along with the Application Approval Team has the right to dismiss a vendor from the market, should he/she fail to comply with market guidelines or prove disruptive to creating a positive market environment.

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