A wonderful turnout on our first day. We moved our location to the LCBO side of the arena and it seemed that people didn’t have too much trouble adjusting. The sun was hot and the shady tents welcome. You could easy see them from the Queen Street Bridge.

Robertson’s Highland of Paisley did come and they are expecting Sarah and Rachel to arrive from Peru on Monday. We welcomed a new vendor , Wayne Shantz, selling his goat soap products. Sandi Graux was on the lot representing the library and Karen Kimpel was selling plants for the beautification committee. Ed Maxwell’s brought a North Canoe which was quite and attraction. We would love to have a tent with a little sandbox for the kids.

Special thanks goes to Steelcraft Welding for making our signs frames for the Queen street. He tried to keep with Paisley’s Heritage theme and I think he did a terrific job. . . now we will work on making the actual signs a little more heritage looking.