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Hot off the Press


We are ready for the market. Are you?

Downtown Cooperative Marketing Grant

BUILDING COMMUNITY387111_508191255864407_1048538891_n

Because our Chamber of Commerce has worked so hard for our village for the last three years, we are finally able to apply for a Cooperative Marketing Grant. We will use this opportunity to explore the idea of buying a new shed, which will serve not only as a storage unit for tables and chairs and tents (creating a more attractive, pedestrian friendly, distinctive and successful event) but also as a advertisement board for local businesses. The Paisley Farmer’s Market is not just about focusing on locally grown food, but also about being an attraction and springboard for the local business community. Thank-you very much to the Chamber for all their work and we can wait to further our assistance in the community this way.

A Great First Day at the Market

A wonderful turnout on our first day. We moved our location to the LCBO side of the arena and it seemed that people didn’t have too much trouble adjusting. The sun was hot and the shady tents welcome. You could easy see them from the Queen Street Bridge.

Robertson’s Highland of Paisley did come and they are expecting Sarah and Rachel to arrive from Peru on Monday. We welcomed a new vendor , Wayne Shantz, selling his goat soap products. Sandi Graux was on the lot representing the library and Karen Kimpel was selling plants for the beautification committee. Ed Maxwell’s brought a North Canoe which was quite and attraction. We would love to have a tent with a little sandbox for the kids.

Special thanks goes to Steelcraft Welding for making our signs frames for the Queen street. He tried to keep with Paisley’s Heritage theme and I think he did a terrific job. . . now we will work on making the actual signs a little more heritage looking.


Tomorrow is the Big Day

Only one day left until the season opening of  The Paisley Farmers’ Market.


fresh homemade breadOnce again we will be serving a hot breakfast every morning in the same booth where you will get fresh baked bread and other treats. (Ken & Sandra Ransome)

Other vendors we expect are. . .  

Horst's GreenhouseAngus Horst from Horsts Greenhouse with an amazing display of flowers.

Andrew Martin will be bringing his asparagus. Supply is limited so get here early.

Paul Martin with Maple Syrup and Preserves.

David Weber will be bringing his pasture raised meats – chemical free

Donna Douquette will be bringing specialty breads, jams, buttertarts, jellies, pickles and pies.

Michelle Trendyle from the Rural Gardener will be bringing tomato plants, herbal arrangements, catnip mice, rhubarb pies, and frozen pesto.

Francis Phillipi will be bringing his handmade wood creations, so bring a little extra cash. Perhaps your property needs a new bat house or bird house.

A new vendor Cheryl Toohey will be bringing her specialty baking so come and check it out. pinerivercheese.com

We expect that Pine River Cheese will join us tomorrow. This is a new  adventure for us and we are very excited.

A new vendor Wayne Shantz will be bringing handmade goat soap and other unique items.

Learn more about the SAUGEEN PADDLERS CLUB and NORTH CANOE RACE. Ed Maxwell will be at the market so that you can see the boats and ask questions


We are wishing all the best to Rachel Robertson from Highlands of Paisley. She has been in Peru since August and has fallen terribly ill. Perhaps her brother Liam will be with us until Sarah returns with Rachel. We are all very concerned about Rachel’s wellbeing.


rainbow troutThere will be no fish at the market tomorrow because Summer Company students are only allowed to work June 28 – Sept. 1. Don’t worry. It will be worth the wait. Perhaps one of the other vendors will be a representative until we can get that going a bit earlier than June 28.

Rapheal Keyzer will not be coming this week but if you are looking for rhubarb it is ready out at the farm (Keyzers Fruit Farm). It is important that you get strawberries and blue plums this year. Because of the early spring (early blooming) followed by 15 nights of frost, there will be very few cherries, apples or pears produced in Bruce County this year.

The great news is that we are expecting perfect weather and a large turnout tomorrow. We can’t wait to see you there!



We are famous!



click to see articleWe Farm Grey Bruce newsletter featured us on their front cover! We open on May 19. See you there!

2012 Season Opening Soon

Enjoy Country Freshness beginning May 19, 2012

Paisley Farmers Market
Awaiting new lifeAwaiting new life

282 Church St.
Paisley, Ontario, N0G 2N0

We look toward our 6th year.

As we all wait for this lovely spring to produce it’s harvest, the farmers are working harder than ever.

Please be patient. May 19 will be here soon enough!
And that’s when we will see you again!
Thanks for all your support in years past.

3 weeks until market time

Everyone is anxiously preparing for the upcoming market days. I hope you are looking forward to fresh asparagus. Let’s hope it is ready for May 19th. This funny weather, which started so warm in March and now has many nights of freezing has actually stunted the growth of some early flowers. I hope it will not have ill effects on the food we are waiting for. 

Some good news is that we will have Pine River cheese joining us and we are crossing our fingers for manitoulin trout. They may neither be there on the first day, but they will come. But there are sure to be many beautiful flowers from Horsts Greenhouse, so don’t be late!

Saugeen Paddlers to Visit Market

On May 16 and May 26, the Saugeen Paddlers will be visiting the market to advertise their North Canoe race and show off their opportunity to everyone. The race will take place on June 9, leaving from Rotary Campground at 10 am. Please call Ed Maxwell for more information 353-3194