10246591_840373215979541_7424795877638158110_nAre you getting excited to try out our

new and exciting program of selling


No more running out of cash!


you can get $1.00 FREE ** every time you visit the market

simply by printing off this coupon and cashing it when you get your market money!


** Valid with minimum $10 purchase of additional market money.
** We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card and AMEX
** One per household per week
** Fee of 2.75% with every purchase (eg: purchase of $10 will cost $10.28)
**Other conditions may apply.

Hot off the Press


We are ready for the market. Are you?


maple syrup  The vendors are in their greenhouses and sugar shacks getting ready for the new season. It is just 4 weeks until Market time. Hope you have your walking shoes on. Time to get out in the sunshine.

Downtown Cooperative Marketing Grant

BUILDING COMMUNITY387111_508191255864407_1048538891_n

Because our Chamber of Commerce has worked so hard for our village for the last three years, we are finally able to apply for a Cooperative Marketing Grant. We will use this opportunity to explore the idea of buying a new shed, which will serve not only as a storage unit for tables and chairs and tents (creating a more attractive, pedestrian friendly, distinctive and successful event) but also as a advertisement board for local businesses. The Paisley Farmer’s Market is not just about focusing on locally grown food, but also about being an attraction and springboard for the local business community. Thank-you very much to the Chamber for all their work and we can wait to further our assistance in the community this way.

Christmas Storefront Across from the Post office


PhotoGrid_1386357515438We are in a new location, the renovated space of Architectural Millworks. Here are some pictures to help you know that you MUST GET IN HERE!!!

We will open at 5pm on Friday November 29 (Paisley Parade Night) and the next day 11-7. We will be open until 9:30 on Paisley Late Night Social Dec 6.

In addition, we will be open Monday to Saturday from 11-7 until Dec 21

At the Storefront you will find. . .

  • Meat: Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Trout
  • Milk: Cheese & Butter (order your Christmas Cheese Platter Here)
  • Vegetables: Potatoes, Squash, Turnip, Garlic, Canned Organic vegetables, dried tomatoes, organic spices
  • Fruit: Apples, Pears, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Frozen Cherries, Fruit roll-ups
  • Grains: Homemade: white bread & whole wheat bread
  • Other: Fudge, Chocolate, Cookies, Christmas Cake, Honey, Maple Syrup, Maple Syrup Candy, butter tarts
  • Crafts: Scarves, Hats, Mittens, Angels, Wreaths, Necklaces with and without pendants, cutting boards, camping chairs, candles, paintings, Tie Dye Shirts
  • FREE!!! Calendars










It’s all that’s left of another amazing year!2013 Grand Feast Flyer

Life is like a klaidescope, always changing and always interesting. This year was no different.

Thanks to the loyal customers that ensure the success of the market and the commited vendors that not only come to the market but work faithfully every day all summer for you. This amazing collaboration will come to the grand finalle on October 12.

Market opens at 9 am

SCARECROW AUCTION at 10 AM (Proceeds to Chamber for the Late Night Social)

  • 3 scarecrows made by students for the fall fair
  • glass pumpkin from Nature’s Millworks
  • item from Barbell’s Fitness
  • item from TNA clothing
  • pepperettes from Ashley
  • 2 pies from Barbara Weber
  • pickles from Donna Douquette
  • bottle of Maple Syrup from Paul Martin
  • gift basket of chocolate from Cathy’s Confections
  • Epicure Cheese Ball Mix from Mary Jo McGillvary
  • Decorated pumpkin

GRAND FEAST FINALLE at 11 AM- 1 PM (Proceeds to Community for public portable washroom)

  • Organic sausage on a fresh handmade bun
  • sourkraut
  • organic wings
  • rainbow trout
  • scalloped potatoes
  • squash
  • organic lettuce salad
  • prize winning dill pickles
  • hot apple cider (with epicure mix)
  • pumpkin tart
  • apple crisp
  • chocolate pumpkin

2 plate sizes  $12  or $5. Call 353-6021 to get a ticket.

Every ticket holder will be entered in a draw for a bottle of Paul Martin’s maple syrup.
The draw will take place at 12:55 and winner must be present to win.



SEE YOU AT THE CHRISTMAS MARKET beginning at the Santa Clause Parade November 29!!!




A big thank-you to Andrew Martin for sending asparagus to town today. I know it will be enjoyed by many!!!

See you at the market today!


May 18, 2013:Quite a selection and nice weather

Barbara's Baking May 2013


What a lovely day we had for our first market day!  We had 11 vendors in all and it was wonderful to see so many of our faithful customers returning again and again.


The most popular booth was the big wagon of perrenial and annual flowers from Horst’s Greenhouse. Angus Horst May 2013

The new vendors were:

1. Mary Jo McGillivary selling Epicure products and hosting a findraiser for Tim Bosma’s family.

2. Abby Miner, manager of the Wiarton market bringing her Maple Syrup products.

20130518_091131Our faithful return vendors were: Paul Martin, selling maple syrup and preserves, Barbara Weber selling baking, Paisley Highlands selling certified organic meat products, Fabulous Fish ( new hosts: Zachary & Isaac) selling rainbow trout from Manitoulin Island, The Rural Gardeners, Adrianna and Michelle with baking , preserves and tomatoe plants, Lena selling preserves and handmade hats, It’s All About Bling, Wendy Tanner selling handmade jewelry and Greta Vanderley selling handmade knitted and wooden crafts.20130518_092017

 After the glowing article so nicely written by MarthAnn in the Paisley Advocate, the fact that the Ransome’s didn’t show up surprised us all and many of our customers. It seems that they have decided not to come at all for the entire season. They will be sadly missed.

Every time a door is closed unexpectedly, it makes everyone stop and think. Hmm. What next? So, because we know that our customers loved the Ransome’s booth where they could sit and visit on Saturday mornings, ournext move will be to offer this opportunity to organizations in the village to serve our customers prepared food as fundraisers for themselves. This is a wonderful opportunity for Paisley. I hope many groups will take us up on it. We are all happy that our first day of business was also a big help to Back Eddies and The Big Dipper Bakery because we value these comrades very much.

Next week we are looking forward to seeing the North Canoe brought by the Saugeen Paddlers. It is a great photo opportunity so come on down.20130518_092017

Maple Syrup

The warming weather is making us think about maple syrup. mmm.  Can’t you just taste the sweetness?  Very soon, the sap will start running. Paul Martin is our big syrup maker and this year we will have a new syrup vendor as well with syrup products for the  BBQ. maple syrup cans

Tribute to our fellow vendor

Sad News:
Leo Vanderley, of Walkerton, a vendor at our market passed away this week. He was 79 years old. You will remember him and his wife Greta, selling baby blankets and intricate carvings, wind chimes and scrubbies among many other things. You can pay your respects and offer your condolences at the Cameron Funeral Home in Walkerton, Thursday, Jan 17 2-4 and 7-9 and the funeral will be at the Paisley Missionary Church on Jan 18 at 11 am.
He will be sadly missed at our market. He was a lovely, friendly addition.