2018 Christmas Market Vendors

All these vendors are excited to see you from Nov 23 – Dec 22 at the Christmas Market. 



Meat & Main Course

  • Lockerby Lamb Amanda Caldwell –  lamb & pork farmer 
  • Zettel Family Farms – Mark & Emily Zettel – organic beef and chicken
  • Fabulous Fish –  Sandra Blodgett –  local fresh frozen and smoked rainbow trout and whitefish
  • Syrian Food – Aisha Alibrahim
  • Canning – Jilliam Lepping

Sauces & Drinks



   Woolen Items

   Wooden Items

  • ITR Creations and Ivy Tea Room Blends – Tamara Pasley – The rustic boxes and tin items we create are made from materials harvested from our old farmhouse (earliest date discovered was 1873) as well as precious materials such as silver cutlery, including hand made items, collected from various sites such as yard sales and auctions. It is amazing how Victorian tin can be incorporated into many interesting  projects. We also forge our own hooks and handles for some of our creations. Because everything is handmade, it takes a bit of time for our creations to come together. Every piece is made with love for the craft.
  • Nova Star – 
  • Brown Paper Packages – Sammy Hoffard – sign artist, wreaths and Norwegian Elves!!!!